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09 Jan

The Joint Economic Committee paper incorrectly claims that weakening the limit on age rating to a 5-to-1 ratio would not penalize any age group.

Key points to consider include: Significantly increasing premiums for older adults would only marginally lower costs for younger adults.Prior to the ACA, Maine was one of five states that required guaranteed issue and protections for people with preexisting conditions. However, a critical piece was missing: There was no law to incentivize participation in the market, such as the ACA’s individual mandate.As a result, fewer healthier individuals chose to enroll, accounting for high premiums prior to the ACA.It's easy, too easy, to count the reasons why any woman who wants to "date intelligently," as their tagline goes, would love the app, which—while it rolls out today in San Francisco only—will spring up in major U. Bradford, a former Google employee who holds an MBA from Stanford, snagged on something when she suddenly became single in grad school: She wanted to join Tinder and Ok Cupid, but she didn't want everyone (her professors, her potential future employers, her ex boyfriend's friends) seeing her personal information and that she was "on the prowl." But how could she put herself out there without overexposing herself in the process?This dilemma sparked one of the key differentiators of The League: By requiring both Linked In and Facebook for signup, The League can keep people's profiles from popping up in front of those in their professional and social networks, if they want: Brilliant, right?