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11 Jul

A former piano prodigy whose abusive childhood prompted her to neglect her natural gift for music in the name of survival, Jenny is a violent offender whose notorious temper has, as an adult, repeatedly landed her behind bars.Though she does still display considerable talent on the ivory, her decidedly antisocial behavior compelled the troubled prisoner to repeatedly sabotage opportunities to take part in recitals that would, at the very least, provide a momentary respite from her grim day-to-day existence.They shower you with flattery and what appears to be affection. You have something that they want — perhaps money, sex, business connections or a place to live.A sociopath will keep pouring it on until they convince you to give it to them.

" and Sohyun humorously replied, "Yes, that's why they all left." She also revealed that she doesn't think she has found anyone yet that she has really felt strongly about.

Mostly it's too do with the ineffective delivery of the plot.

I watched the first ten minutes three times but I was still not entirely sure who was who.

Sociopaths, it turns out, all operate from the same playbook.

If your new romantic interest exhibits the following behaviors, be careful. They want you to feel sorry for their abusive childhood, psychotic ex, incurable disease or financial setbacks.10. If you feel intense attraction, if your physical relationship is unbelievable, it may be their excess testosterone........