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18 Jan

Students with learning disabilities may find it difficult to acquire knowledge or skills in the same ways as their peers.This could mean they struggle to learn through traditional teaching methods, or that they wrestle with a curriculum designed for students their age.Allowing specific accommodations gives all students a level “playing field,” and allows the student with disabilities an equal opportunity to prosper academically and contribute to society.The careers of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Niels Bohr, for instance, show what persons with learning disabilities can accomplish despite initial difficulties.These figures are a strong indicator of what students are capable of regardless of disability.When students make use of the various resources tailored for their specific learning needs, they find that they are able to excel in a classroom environment.

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Although not all accommodations or techniques will work for every individual, below are some time-tested recommendations.

Specific Teaching Strategies Spelling and Punctuation: Consider not lowering the student’s grade for spelling or punctuation errors on timed exams. Students’ difficulty with spelling and punctuation increases drastically under timed conditions.

When correcting a students’ spelling, punctuation, or misused words, don’t simply mark what is wrong, but help the student see the correct version.

For repeated spelling errors and word substitutions, it may help to provide the correct spelling for the word above or to the side of the incorrect word, and to underline or circle the letters that are different, particularly if they are transposed.