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18 Aug

Hehe~ *she takes betty off of the tentacles and takes out her soul, the fear soul she had now changed to a lust one* like your soul now~?

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However, contrary to popular belief, it is not the ideal place of choice for a flame war.

Within the realm of Chat Avenue, there are a number of different 'specialty' chatrooms to enter.It should be noted that the type of chatroom entered will have a massive influence on who a user will come into contact with, and thus the severity of retardedness faced.Teen Chat is one of the more popular chatrooms in the site.Someone, we don't know who, posted an online warning that Dateline's hidden cameras are in the neighborhood. We want to warn you that some of what you’re about to read is explicit. 29 year-old Michael Warrecker, an unemployed computer technician uses the frightening screen name “can_i_rape_you_anally.” He thinks he’s coming to meet a girl who said she was 13. We’ve always been aware that the men coming into our undercover houses could be dangerous, but as we set up our “To Catch A Predator” operation in Long Beach, California, thevery first man who arrives has us especially worried.