Airline pilots and dating

20 Aug

These runways cross one another, we almost collided at 500 AGL (above ground level).Ladies and gentlemen, sorry about that turbulence, we are flying through the wake of another aircraft that I cant quite see up ahead. This smaller airline services a number of American cities in midwest and eastern United States.US Airways pilot, South Carolina Content continues below ad We don't wear our hats in the cockpit, by the way i Stock/Tuned_In On TV and in the comics, you always see these pilots with their hats on, and they have their headsets on over the hat.Flew through volcanic ash, and somehow made it out alive.

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Another pilot in the pattern calls over the radio saying guys, did you see each other?

I used to fly small aircraft, and enjoyed many fun day trips over the years. I'm sure not all pilots are like that but I have yet to meet one.

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When people think of pilots, they usually think of Tom Cruise in a pair of aviators or Kenny Loggins' '80s hit "Danger Zone." People rarely consider the loneliness that results from constantly being away from home.

Airline pilots spend a great deal of time away from home – eating in restaurants and sleeping in airport hotels.