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09 Nov

"I was not prepared to be in a serious relationship at that point," he says, adding that he lives the bachelor lifestyle now. Except she's got a surprise for Blakely: "[She] thinks her and I are besties.

The successful business woman works with a technology recruitment firm as a business developer, helping companies build out their work forces.

The only thing that could get in her way is her crush on Michael. They're not scared of slating Erica Rose either ("she has Botox every two months") or Blakely (who has "fake boobs" and is "about to hit menopause").

"We're definitely hooking up, no doubt about it," she declares. as a game, and no matter how much he likes someone he's there for the money. They don't like Kalon either (or his "butt chin"), but agree Brittany would have sex with him if she had to. Turns out Brittany is "definitely not" a virgin, but Erica is...

We love a girl who is sweet, beautiful, has the smarts to bounce back in such style. But she deserves it after the nutty finish to her last relationship.

; And speaking of bouncing back, that guy she's dating? One day she was dating Lance De Groot, the next day he was trying to make up stories about a covert affair with ; Chris Bukowski ;to spill to the press.