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28 Dec

I discovered rather quickly that I could not prepare a single set of presentations to use over and over again.Rather, I need to conduct new and fresh research for every single presentation I do, regardless of how much time has passed from one to the next. Because that is how fast things change in the world of technology and online interactions.Although West and Swift made up following their memorable encounter at the 2009 MTV VMA awards — where he crashed the stage and declared Swift unworthy of her Best Female Video honor — the bad blood between the two was back after West released the single "Famous" in February.RELATED: Kanye jokingly interrupts friend's wedding: ‘Imma let you finish…’ In the song, West raps, "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that b--- famous." Not surprisingly, Swift wasn't happy about that line.On Sunday night, Kim Kardashian dropped a video that fanned the flames in a he-said/she-said fight between her husband and the pop singer over an insulting lyric on his new album.But to fully appreciate the clip, it's important to catch up on the details that led up to its release.But according to West, she'd allegedly OK'd the lyrics herself beforehand.Team Taylor denied it, saying in a statement, "Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single 'Famous' on her Twitter account.

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Due to numerous requests for a verification system for females we offer this service completely FREE of charge.I would rather offend you than not get the message out to someone that could prevent a devastating, life altering event for a child.In my presentations to parents, I list a handful of apps; however, you have to understand that there are literally millions of apps available and, even those apps where the intended purpose by the app’s creator may be innocent, can be used dangerously.I am not going to go on a long rant about immorality or express my true feelings about the class of a person it takes to create certain apps for monetary gain, all the while knowing full well that children can and will fall victim while using those apps; instead, I am going to stick with the matter at hand.Parents, you need to be aware that truly dangerous apps exist and are readily available to your children.