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01 Dec

Calpernia herself, the star of this "Bacheorelette-With-A-Twist" reality series is by far the biggest distraction.When I referenced above the critical necessity in our culture for a show like this to break down Stereotypes..Glover was sentenced to life in prison and Fisher received 12 years.The incident occurred while Calpernia Addams celebrated her biggest pageant win, Tennessee Entertainer of the Year Contest – and America freedom – on the fourth of July at Fort Campbell Army Base near Nashville, TN.Further, he manipulates the homophobic new comer Calvin Glover (Philip Eddolls) against Winchell.On July, Fourth, the coward Glover has a violent outburst against Winchell while he is sleeping with tragic consequences."Soldier's Girl" is a heartbreaking story of love, intolerance, cruelty, manipulation and cowardliness based on the true story of the soldier Barry Winchell.well, Calpernia falls victim to every single one imaginable in Trans culture.Over inflated lips, exaggerated surgical feminization of the face/body, hyper-sexualization ond encouraged objectification of her body (The outfits she wears, everything from a harem bikini to full on corset and stockings with her bottom hanging out as she performs cabaret!

In the next shot, he is walking up the stairs carrying the file.In putting together a collection of interviews with compelling members of the queer community, one would be remiss to leave out trans activist, writer, singer/songwriter, actress, coach, and comedian Calpernia Addams.I was fortunate that she agreed to answer a few questions, and even more fortunate that she included accompanying links. ) Take a look at what she has to say about her life growing up, the politics of language, and her history as a tireless advocate for equality.See more » In 1999, the soldier Barry Winchell (Troy Garity) joins the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army in Kentucky and shares a room with Justin Fisher (Shawn Hatosy) in the barrack.Fisher brings Winchell to the Visions Club, in Nashville, considered club of deviants by his superiors, and Winchell befriends the travesty Calpernia Addams (Lee Pace) that performs in the club.