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13 Dec

The thriving community stood for over a century, until it was displaced to make room for Halifax’s industrial expansion in the 1960s.

Funny how another nation’s sectarian hatred comes seeping over the national frontier of its neighbours.

If each eligible citizen voted in an election the government would be on par with the primary interests of the people.

The easiest way to achieve this objective is by implementing a compulsory voting system.

It was a one-of-a-kind article when first published in April 2007 and is still updated with the latest information.

Official, consular and expat INFO websites and forums have plagiarized this post and now offer similar (outdated) versions. Greece categorizes its residents into four distinct groups and ranks them accordingly: 1) Greek citizens born and raised in Greece and never left; 2) repatriated Greek citizens from abroad — those born in Greece but left; 3) non-Greek EU citizens (Romanian and Bulgarian citizens can work/live in Greece without a permit as of January 1, 2009; Croatian citizens must still secure a work permit and are restricted until at least July 2015); 4) non-EU citizens — nationality is unimportant, whether you’re Canadian, American, Australian, Albanian, Chinese, Filipino, Georgian, Russian, South African, etc. S., Canadian and Australian citizens have an easier time, but white non-EU citizens do rank higher than non-whites and men have higher status than women.

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African Nova Scotians have called Nova Scotia home for centuries.

“We haven’t really changed our messaging much, but people have been emailing me saying ‘I really want Bernie and I’m not so sure if I should stay in the country.'” “People are really concerned about the political situation in the United States and Maple Match for some people is that opportunity to find something better.” It’s not all negative, however.

Goldman adds that many people who sign up for Maple Match aren’t necessarily trying to escape the political climate of the United States; Canada just appeals to them.

Mandatory voting systems are appealing because all citizens are affected by decisions made by the government, so it makes sense to have all those affected apart of the election process....

The story of Black Nova Scotians is a rich tapestry.