Catholic and christian dating 10 online dating services

11 Jan

Evangelical Christianity is based on the teaching of the Bible alone; Catholicism is built on the teaching of the magisterium.As a consequence, the respective teaching on the way of salvation is different. Evangelicals believe in Christ for salvation - and in nothing and nobody else, nor do they rely on any merits of our own; whereas Catholics, in addition to faith, base their salvation on the reception of baptism and other sacraments, good works and penance.I wish I can tell you to go ahead with your plans, but I would be irresponsible to do so.Catholicism and biblical Christianity are two dissimilar religions built on different foundations.

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Most are well intended and contain a nugget of truth. Dating is hard enough without sifting through all this erroneous information, so let's debunk some myths.

Mixed Marriages Question: I am an evangelical Christian and I have been dating a wonderful man who is a devout Catholic.

We are concerned that we will not fully agree on important things if we consider marriage.

What do you think, is right or wrong if a Catholic and a Christian were to marry?

Answer: I am deeply concerned for you and your friend.