Cellvalidating at datagridview London ontario adult chat rooms

15 Nov

Previously i was having a problem when the user click on the Combo Box but doesn't click the mouse so the Combo Box change commited event doesn't run therefore not getting the row, somebody replied on this forum to say i should declare and put a Combo Box On Drop Down event handler which i put and successfully do it.

Still if the user doesn't event click on the first cell which has this combo Box it doesn't really restrict it.

However, you can handle Cell End Edit event in this case and reset the Error Text property. The grid allows the row to be added into the grid w/o text in these two columns.

Default behavior of a Data Grid View Combo Box Cell is that it doesn't support typing into the cell.

But you could have a request from the client who wants to have enabled typing in a Combobox cell.

The Data Grid View control available as a part of Windows Forms controls in Visual Studio 2008 is much more powerful than it's previous versions.

This tutorial is a basic introduction of how to write a simple data driven application using Visual Studio 2008 wizards without writing a single line of code.