Cuckold dating stories

14 Mar

Considering this, it would be safe to assume that cuckolding wives is an activity that no normal person will be able to handle. The cuckolds and hot wives find this activity fun and exciting.

Cuckolding wives can be a very extreme activity for some people but this doesn’t mean that this activity doesn’t have rules that the couples should follow.

My first husband worked on me for about three years to get me to suck & fuck other guys. I have always loved to suck cock, so my first time I blew a friend while my husband got sucked off by his wife. Then , when my husband is totally turned on I want him to join in and fuck my ass.

We have received many emails from Cuckold Husbands and Hot Wives wanting to send in their naked wife pics.

But before you can start cuckolding wives you should know that no party is in a disadvantage in this kind of activity. This can be easily understood by some people because the husband (cuckold) will just be watching his hot wife having sex with another person.

While this is not acceptable for some people, cuckolds somehow find pleasure in this.

I mean this guy's a fucking animal and he makes it real clear that he loves white pussy and he takes whatever he wants.

I think we need to stop focusing on dick size and worry more about pleasing a woman with all qualities.

I still think men enjoy watching their wives getting fuck by big dicks more than women do. My biggest fantasy is to have a black guy, total stranger with this big black cock fuck me with my husband watching.

While displaying power in a sexual intercourse can be a complete turn on, acting dominant with the cuckold’s wife will ruin the mood.

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