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The word ''Bonjour'' flashes across the screen, followed seconds later by the sudden question, ''Veux-tu qu'on fasse l'amour ce soir? '') The question is signed ''Sex Fiend.'' ''Times have changed,'' sighs Prinet, a 42-year-old marketing executive for Citibank France.

Leaving Sex Fiend's query unanswered, he types a second number. Prinet frowns as his outstanding credit card balance appears on the screen.

Like Picasso, Matisse, Miro and Chagall, his place at the pinnacle of modern art history is assured.

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Both Dali's extraordinary talent and odd personality helped him to rise above the rest of the Surrealists of the 20th century.

His artwork and influences can be seen almost everywhere around the world.

NICOLAS PRINET IS AMONG THE MILLIONS OF French citizens who bank, shop, read their morning papers and maintain anonymous friendships via Teletel, the national videotex system that has been transforming French business and culture since its introduction in 1981.

In a mere five years, the videotex craze has swept France.

Mc Cutcheon and George Ade’s charity cartoons during World War I.

In this post, we will be sharing another cartoonist’s work during the war.

For the French Government and industry, the sophisticated videotex network is a profitable enterprise with virtually unlimited growth potential. from additional telephone usage, cost savings and terminal leasing, according to Georges Nahon, managing director of Intelmatique, the P. and the Times Mirror Company, two initial investors who spent millions of dollars, are forging ahead with redesigned systems. To accomplish this, the utility employed an existing state-owned national data communications network, Transpac, to enable ''dumb terminals'' - which resemble personal computers but actually lack computing power - to communicate with computerized databases around the country. The Paris metropolitan area went on-line in late December 1983.

"I look for them when the first strawberries come off," said Capt.