Dating a passive woman Sextreme dating blond

02 Jan

Take a leap of fate and go for it if you’re feeling all the right vibes.

It will take him by surprise and show him how confident in yourself you are.

What makes passive-aggressive people difficult to deal with is the fact that they’re often so slick.

From a guy’s point of view, it would obviously be so much better if girls made the first move: we wouldn’t have to try as hard and we wouldn’t have to feel the pangs of rejection so often.He’s cute, he’s single, and he’s right up your alley…but he hasn’t made a move yet. If Taylor Swift can write a whole album of love songs for her crush, a text surely isn’t going to kill you.We have been raised to believe that if he was really interested, he’d make the first move, but our generation has been doing things a bit differently and signals aren’t as obvious as they use to be. Maybe, but he will always remember that you were the girl who didn’t let the fear of rejection hold her back. Regardless of what medium you choose, get your message across.People these days are so unsure of themselves that it is a unique way to set yourself apart.Be the girl who knew what she wanted and went after it.