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20 Jul

By the end of the private two-hour testimony, every member of the audience had tears in his or her eyes. It was a moment of cataclysm for me."Bunting knows military academies. with his mission accomplished, Bunting was a particularly astute choice to serve on Rumsfeld's panel, which was headed by former Republican congresswoman Tillie Fowler."It was just devastating," retired lieutenant general Josiah Bunting III said later. As the former superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute, Bunting opposed allowing women to attend that school, which had been a southern male bastion since 1839. But even the reports Bunting had read on the academy scandal in the newspapers, and his own experience with the macho rigors of V. I.'s infamous "rat line," a hazing ritual, did not prepare him for what he heard in Colorado Springs on July 10.

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Women make up roughly 16 percent of the Air Force Academy's cadet wing (as the student body is referred to).

———————ORIGINAL POST PM WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2015 ———————————————————- Mikey Weinstein, the crusader against religious bias in the armed forces, will ask the Air Force Academy to remove the words "in the year of our Lord" from diplomas for the class of 2016, which graduates in May, he tells the Independent.

Because, he says, "We all know whose lord that is; it's a special seal of approval." The request comes not from Weinstein himself, but rather from a small group at the academy calling themselves The Spartacus Group, which pretends to be fundamentalist Christian to find a more hassle-free pathway through the academy, where favoritism of Christians is well-documented over the past dozen years.

R 151210Z Aug 16 MARADMIN 416/16 MSGID/GENADMIN/CG EDCOM PRES MCU QUANTICO VA// SUBJ/ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE FY17 U. AIR FORCE SENIOR NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER ENLISTED ACADEMY COURSE DATES// REF/A/MCO P1553.4B// AMPN/REF A IS MCO P1553.4B, PROFESSIONAL MILITARY EDUCATION.// POC/HAMM, SCOTT/SGTMAJ/SENIOR ENLISTED ACADEMY/ENLISTED PME/MCU/TEL: (703)432-4793/EMAIL: SCOTT. During the course, students will be required to read and write extensively, and speak publicly. Course dates for FY17 are: Course Submission deadline Report Graduate SNCOA 17-A (7) 22 Aug 16 1 Nov 16 8 Dec 16 SNCOA 17-B (7) 4 Nov 16 12 Jan 17 16 Feb 17 SNCOA 17-C (7) 3 Jan 17 6 Mar 17 7 Apr 17 SNCOA 17-D (7) 17 Feb 17 27 Apr 17 2 Jun 17 SNCOA 17-E (7) 5 May 17 17 Jul 17 18 Aug 17 SNCOA 17-F (7) 23 Jun 17 8 Sep 17 13 Oct 17 3. The students parent command is responsible for rental car funding. Nominees must be submitted through the Marines MARFOR G-3 in coordination with the respective MARFOR Sergeant Major.

Located at Maxwell AFB, AL, the AFSNCOA is an intensive six-week course comprised of the following core areas: Military Professional, Joint Warfighter, Operational Manager, Senior Communicator, and Combined Operations. The Director, Senior Enlisted Academy will manage the quotas and coordinate the attendance of qualified Marines to AFSNCOA. A rental vehicle is encouraged, but will not be funded by WWT. Major Subordinate Commands may nominate Marines in the ranks of Master Sergeant and First Sergeant to attend the course. The respective course completion codes must be reflected in MCTFS prior to student nomination.