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11 Nov

In this case, the idea was to make a better and more affordable microphone.So in 1927, with a drill press and a milling lathe, Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs set up shop in South Bend, Indiana and expanded from PA system installations to microphone manufacturing.On the other hand if the mic was too far away the sound was often ruined by the pickup of unwanted surrounding noise.Seeking to address this problem, in October 1959 Wayne A.On the back of the Fugs‘ second album on ESP, they’re pictured holding EV 664s in their hands.Hopefully the mics rested on stands, because their large bodies make them awkward to carry.Beaverson of Electro-Voice filed for a patent on a new type of directional microphone which could be successfully operated at a distance from the sound source.

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Electro-Voice employs the same design approach in other microphones, including the popular RE20; and Shure employed it in the SM53 and SM54.The 664 relies on the Variable-D® design principle to reduce proximity effect.In a Variable-D microphone, ports in the microphone body are placed at the capsule’s rear entry.As the frequency response rises it becomes a line mic with considerable attenuation of unwanted sound from the sides.Thus the new ‘Cardiline’ design provides excellent directivity right across its operating frequency range.