Dating antique crucifixes

07 Mar

Ref 5568 - 2,450 - Cloth of gold with rich gold bullion embroidered panels in a floral design over a large cross. 5 pieces, all richly embroidered in gold bullion work. Ref 5705 - 4,200 - White silk satin with gold bullion and coloured silk embroidery; Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception embroidered to centre-back. Ref 5706 - 3,500 - White watered silk with gold bullion embroidery all round edge of panels; Sacred & Immaculate Hearts centre-piece on back. Ref 5908 - 4,995 - 19th century French white silk with rich gold bullion embroidery over the entirety of the Chasuble. Ref 6037 - 2,800 - Green damask with rich gold bullion embroidered panels; Victorious Lamb centre-piece. Ref 6379 - 1,995 - Green watered silk 20th century French with gold bullion embroidery to front & back; Decorative sunburst IHS design centre-piece. Ref 6590 - 950 - Green velvet 20th century French with Connelli embroidery in gold shades to front & back panels; IHS centre-piece; 5 pieces. Ref 5171 - 3,200 - Red satin with fine silk floral embroidered panels & embroidered edges. Ref 5353 - 4,850 - Late 18th/early19th century red velvet Low Mass Set with fine gold bullion embroidery. IHS centre-piece surrounded with rays and cross, hung with foliage, flowers and wheat design. Ref 6296 - 2,800 - Cloth of Gold 19th century French with rich gold bullion embroidery throughout the entirety of the Chasuble; Agnus Dei centre-piece on back. Ref 6214 - 3,995 - 19th century French red velvet with ornate gold bullion embroidery throughout, including gold bullion embroidered edges. Ref 6546 - 1,650 - Early 20th century French red silk velvet with Lyon gold floral brocade woven orphreys; Agnus Dei centre-piece. Ref 4791 - 2,850 - Black velvet French early 20th century with rich silver bullion embroidery over the entire Chasuble.

Ref 6550 - 4,500 - Gold brocade with very fine and detailed hand embroidered of the Last Supper on the back of the Chasuble, worked in coloured silks, finished with gold bullion embroidery. Ref 3085 - 6,200 - White silk damask with embroidered panels dating from the Renaissance. 5 matching pieces, all with rich gold bullion embroidery. Ref 6575 - 5,500 - Charles Borromeo style Low Mass Set in white silk, covered in coloured silk floral embroidery over all the pieces. Ref JY02 - 1,575 - Green velvet with green/silver Lyon silk brocade orphreys, edged in silver bullion braid; Agnus Dei sunburst centre-piece. Ref 6418 - 2,800 - Purple silk velvet with rich silver bullion embroidery; centre-piece Sacred Heart motif. Ref JY01 - 1,570 - Purple silk damask with gold Connelli embroidered orphreys; IHS centre-piece to back. Ref 5154 - 3,600 - Red silk velvet late 18th century French with fine gold bullion embroidered panels. 5 pieces, all finished with silver bullion embroidery and silver bullion braid. Ref 6213 - 1,550 - Early 20th century French black velvet with silver bullion embroidered panels set in silver bullion braid; IHS centre-piece to back. Ref 3830 - 7,500 - White silk Latin High Mass Set 19th century French.order arava As well as his revelation that he suffered, during his playing days, from bulimia, Flintoff recalls his misadventure in St Lucia at the 2007 World Cup - as well as his post-Ashes trip to Downing Street in 2005, and meeting the Queen. what kind of drug is divalproex It is timely that sports firms, jewellers and tech companies got their wares in front of the world’s press when they did, as all this fell just a week ahead of what is expected to be the elephant on your wrist — the new i Watch from Apple.avodart price canada "We will go full steam in the January and February time frame in terms of identifying studios," Agarwal said   I need to charge up my phone capoten drug classification During a 40-minute speech, Manjula Talreja discussed the “ The Internet of Everything (Io E): Seizing the Opportunities” clarinex 5mg vs.Similarly, there are full-time and part-time artists; there are artists who figure in the political establishment and those who are ostracized and despised; and some art forms can be made by anyone, while others demand the devotion of an expert.Claims of an underlying pan-African aesthetic must be viewed as highly contentious.