Dating bulgarian guy

17 May

I was very upset about what had happened to my aunt.

I do believe that bulgarian men are violent and aggressive, BUT you should take two things under consideration – first, I can’t put ALL bulgarian men in the same bag, some of them are real sweethearts and don’t feel the need to prove themselves physically, and second – I seem to notice a change in the behaviour of my generation and the one before us.

A sudden change of plans or emotion is something that sets our minds at work and we need to find an answer to the “Why”?

Don’t see this as a mandatory justification, just know you Bulgarian ladies can be very confusing for us…

If you are used to guys who say all of the right things without meaning any of it, who are so out of touch with their emotions that holding a meaningful conversation with them is like pulling teeth, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

My male friends open doors for me, offer me their seats or their coats, let me walk before them, hold the door for me, give me compliments, hug me gently, apologize for everything they do to me if it was not intentional and so on…

Yes, we are blessed (or cursed) by the teachings of Aristotle.

We Vikings like to have a reason for most of the things that happen in our lives.

Dear readers, This piece is a Dutch reply on the the well-written guide by Antonia Chukova. So let’s talk about those Vikings that seem to have invaded Bulgaria with their strange culture, clear blue eyes and above all, tall posture.

We are exotics here, therefore we don’t know about all customs here.