Dating church boy Dating adults

26 Nov

That’s the general goal of much or most of dating today? It’s all over the sitcoms, lots of the “chick flicks,” R-rated movies and conversations among teens and young adults in school hallways and social hangouts.

There’s just one primary message about what too many guys and girls want of each other—and it’s not good conversation, fine friendship or eventual marriage. First, what kind of dating does the loving God who made you expect you to do?

One depressed single Christian guy (I’m assuming he’s a good one) lamented: “I just don’t get it.

Here I am, a sensitive, passionate Christian with a caring heart and a good job, but I can’t find a date if my life depended on it.

Yet, some strange dude on a Harley pulls into town, and he gets any girl he wants.” Some we spoke to even went so far as to say that girls are to bad guys. One single girl put it this way: “A bad guy is a guy your parents and friends would freak out over.

He’s also someone you know in your heart is bad for you spiritually, emotionally and possibly even physically, but you just can’t resist him.” Does that sound like a vampire attraction thing, or what!

Beat it: If you’re dating someone outside your congregation, don’t introduce them until you feel secure in the relationship, and ask friends to keep it confidential.

If you’re at the same church, agree to keep it discreet for as long as you can – but be prepared for people to figure it out pretty quickly!

“It’s against the rules to date anyone within my church unless you okay it with the leaders first,” one chap told me.

If your friends and family get to know him and they don’t respect him, this is a warning sign.

In Song of Songs 1:3 the beloved says of her suitor, “Your name is oil poured out; therefore the virgins love you.” Her friends call out, “We will exult and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more than wine.” If you respect your friends and family, but they don’t respect him, this should be a red light.