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04 Nov

The skeleton displays traits that place it firmly as the first baleen-whale relative known to emerge after an ancient group of whale ancestors called basilosaurids split into two: one branch led to the toothed whales, which include sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) and dolphins, and the other to baleen whales. Whale fossils from this time period can answer a lot of questions that researchers have about the origins of living whale lineages, he says.

Researchers reported their findings on 11 May in Current Biology (O. They include the appearance of the earliest baleen whale ancestors.

Stradivarius violins have sold on auction for anywhere from ,000 to ,000,000 (that’s right, three million dollars).

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In 1914 the act was revised to state that the label must include "made in." It is too bad the United States didn't come up with this law during Antonius Stradivarius' life (Oh wait - in that time there wasn't even a Declaration of Independence).Musings from the workbench of violin maker Andy Fein on makers, instruments, bows, musicians, and the joys of a life in the world of stringed instruments. Even if the instrument has a Stradivarius label and has been in your family for generations, it probably is not a Stradivarius!Cameo appearances by the musicians on staff at Fein Violins. First, Stradivarius was a real person (Antonius Stradivarius).Then in 2010, Lambert and his team found and began excavating the M.selenensis skeleton from the Pisco Basin on Peru's southern coast.