Dating older women in lagos international dating sites in portugal

23 Dec

If this is what a couple genuinely wants-no obstacle should be insurmountable for them.

The only challenge I foresee is the guy waking up one day to suddenly realise that the woman he married is older than him and then he would start running after younger ladies-to the disrespect of his wife or the woman not having enough confidence in herself, such that any young (er) lady that comes around her husband is seen as a threat, so she becomes unbearably hostile or quarrelsome-to the discomfort of her man.

Of course everyone had an opinion of what they’d do if Mrs.

Women Seeking Relationship/Marriage Morenike, a cute lady with a good sense of humour needs a man between the age of 50 and above for a discrete relationship. A Christian, 54 years, single, professional Yoruba lady, well travelled, wants a mature single or widower gentleman of any race based in Lagos, well travelled, refined, financially sound, towards marriage. Self-employed lady, 33 years of age from the western part of Nigeria needs a mature man working, class and a good Christian who is ready to settle down. A mature lady, working class, currently based in Lagos, HIV positive, needs an HIV positive for a serious relationship.Women who date younger men do it out of limited choice.Okay; so here I am in the midst of a number of women age ranging from 29 to 46, having drinks and celebrating the new year; each with a smile on her face and different burdens and/or desires in her heart. Children, husbands, sex, church, work, in-laws, traffic, everything and then one topic that just dragged on and on I had to quickly conduct an opinion poll and also shared the same story with a few other friends in different parts of Nigeria.Please contact the professor of love on 07032944123.A very responsible lady, a Muslim, 39 year s of age from Oyo State, a graduate needs a mature Muslim man, 30 years and above, must be a working class.