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10 Feb

The Yarmouth & Acadian Shores region is home to communities with roots over 400 years deep, tiny villages in the shadows of lofty churches such as the Musée Église Sainte-Marie, the largest wooden church in North America.

Though history hasn’t always been kind to the Acadians - they were caught between France and England as they fought for control over Atlantic Canada – it’s always interesting.

Dean later told reporters that a wait of seven years, as in the Meat Cove floods, isn't unusual when dealing with the federal program.There are still first-time buyers and people returning from away to purchase cottages and land.Buyers are interested in affordability, while seeking modern finishes, modern appliances and updated home furnishings such as farm house sinks and decorative faucets, kitchen islands, granite countertops, hardwood flooring and heat pumps.“They aren't willing to do much work even if it’s only cosmetic,” she said.Older buyers are looking to downsize from their large, two-storey homes, which is proving difficult due to the lack of interest. Older clients are looking to get bungalows with everything on the main floor, including laundry,” she said.