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Grape pips have been found throughout France, pre-dating Greek and Roman cultural influences, with some examples found near Lake Geneva being over 12,000 years old.A major turning-point in the wine history of Gaul came with the founding of Massalia in the 6th century BC by Greek immigrants from Phocae in Asia Minor.Following the French Revolution, there was an increase in the amount of low quality French wine being produced.Jean-Antoine Chaptal, the Minister of the Interior for Napoleon, felt that a contributing factor to this trend was the lack of knowledge among many French vignerons. However, we did some research and noticed he has scored well (with Celtic) and with some of Greece's sexiest celebrity Greek women!Youth Anti-Crime Trust (ACT) Chairperson Bonnie Anglin lamented that despite the increase in crime, government support for the crime prevention organisation continues to be very minimal.The Romans did much to spread viticulture across the land they knew as Gaul, encouraging the planting of vines in areas that would become the well known wine regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne, Languedoc, Loire Valley and the Rhone.

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The history of French wine, spans a period of at least 2600 years dating to the founding of Massalia in the 6th century BC by Phocaeans with the possibility that viticulture existed much earlier.She added that an increase in crime results in the redirection of funds from areas such as education, health and social development to the criminal justice system, including prisons, police and courts.“Crime can be reduced by the programmes Youth ACT has identified that we can do; effective programmes like Youth Crime Prevention Day, vocational training programmes for the unemployed and “unemployables”, Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) a best practice programme and programmes in the prison,” Ms Anglin said.Prior to the French Revolution, the Catholic Church was one of France’s largest vineyard owners.They held considerable influence in regions such as Champagne and Burgundy, where the concept of first took root.