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08 Feb

It was still a big deal when he formally came out in 2012.Cooper told Andrew Sullivan, “It’s become clear to me that by remaining silent on certain aspects of my personal life for so long, I have given some the mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something – something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed or even afraid.She was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress for her role in She's so lovely (1997), a film in which she co-starred with her then-husband Sean Penn.Robin Wright, who split from longtime love Sean Penn three years ago, is finally wading back into the dating pool. Foster's previous girlfriends include Ellen Page and Zoe Kravitz.

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For guys, that used to signify 100% gay, but for girls, it might just mean young and/or Canadian–or, um, gay.

Aside from an outstanding performance by Oscar Isaac, and some good folk songs, there wasn’t much there.

After I had a BBC radio station interview me to talk about this list, as well as a few other stations from around the world, from Australia to San Francisco, I thought I’d do my own list.

Actress Jodie Foster married her girlfriend, photographer Alexandra Hedison over the weekend, according to various news reports. Her publicist would only confirm that the couple, who have been dating since last summer, had gotten married, E! Leading the life of an openly gay actor, especially one headlining Hollywood blockbusters, meant you disclosed details about your personal life with friends and family, but didn’t necessarily show up at your premieres smooching your significant other. Now, 44 years after the Stonewall Riots, society expects its celebrities to be a little more forthcoming, a la Ellen Page, who recently came out in a speech at an LGBT youth conference in Las Vegas.

Foster acknowledged her sexuality in a large scale announcement for the first time in a 2013 Golden Globes acceptance speech for the Cecil B. She nervously built up to her big reveal: “I am, uh, single.” It was a wink and a nod to the fact that her sexuality was something of an open secret in Hollywood, if you could even call it that. Foster’s move was similar to that of Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, who didn’t so much come out as publicly acknowledge her longtime partner, Amber Laign, in a Facebook post about her battle with cancer last year.