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23 Aug

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These guitars have serial numbers, but they are NOT serialized 1 through 100.The conditions of the limited warranty are set out on the warranty cards provided with the product at the time of sale.Many overseas internet sites that you may be looking at may not quote you the price inclusive of their local taxes, freight to Australia, Australian duty (which is applicable to guitars and amps) customs clearance charges, port charges and surcharges and other government charges which may also include a quarantine inspection charge, and GST.The Strat was first introduced in 1954, just a few years after Fender debuted the Telecaster, which is widely considered to be the first commercially successful solidbody electric guitar.While the Tele was a solid and reliable workhorse, the Strat was a sleek and sexy, futuristic-looking instrument, with offset horns for better balance and enhanced playability, Fender’s “Comfort Contour Body” that was shaped to better conform with the player’s anatomy, and a newly-designed whammy/vibrato system that offered a compelling alternative to the more massive Bigsby rigs that were gaining popularity at the time.