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29 Apr

By voluntarily registering with the police department, if a camera captures evidence such as a suspicious person lurking around cars or homes, passing vehicle or an actual crime in progress, police can request the footage from the owner."There are a lot of cameras out there and this can be a resource that we can reach out to," said Maj.These sites may be removed if they don't come back on line shortly. Note: some sites work better in different browsers.

The free online registration can be done on the city's website.

Similar safety camera initiatives in other neighborhoods in the City of Cleveland have resulted in a reduction in crime through deterrence and positive feedback from residents.

In other instances, safety cameras have documented crimes being committed and led to the successful prosecutions of the perpetrators.

Safety upgrades can include new locks, doors, windows, lighting or any upgrade suggested by Cleveland Police.

Residents make the upgrades themselves and then submit receipts for reimbursement to Ohio City Incorporated.