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02 Sep

Would you like to record a Video Nation short film for BBC Devon Online, telling us your views about the rebuilding of Plymouth?

Do you have memories of the city centre during your childhood?

In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers departed Plymouth for the New World and established Plymouth Colony – the second English settlement in what is now the United States of America.

During the English Civil War the town was held by the Parliamentarians and was besieged between 16.

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In a radical departure from traditional Plymouth Brethren rejection of a clerical hierarchy, the PBCC has evolved into a tightly-controlled hierarchical organization dominated by one person known as the Elect Vessel or the Man of God.

After the war the city centre was completely rebuilt and subsequent expansion led to the incorporation of Plympton and Plymstock along with other outlying suburbs in 1967.

All the latest news and traffic, travel and weather updates for Plymouth and the South West.

As a result, open means of communication such as television, radio, and the internet are banned for members.

The Brethren reserve all social activities for those with whom they celebrate the Lord's Supper, excluding even family who are not members of the sect.