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15 Jun

In high-income countries, early menarche is defined as before the age of 12.

The Columbia researchers used data from peer-reviewed studies and health and social sciences databases to assess the link between menarche and various negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes in adolescence.

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When I was there last time for Christmas I went to the city center because otherwise little was going on. Monday there were quite some people in Kju, a girl was very interested in me in Gnadenlos and another one even approached me (not hot though) and my friend got a nice girl with little effort there.

The researchers also studied the link between age at menarche and early marriage.

The Target Program: Human Rights for Women was composed of two parts: Target Education/Awareness and the Target Project.

The Education/Awareness Program focused on women's rights as human rights, specifically in the areas of political empowerment, economic empowerment, peace and security, and ending violence against women.

There are is also Museumsquartier adjacent, which is nice in summer both during the day and night (people are sitting around in the courtyard).

The park next to the Palmenhaus is also nearby and in summer I always find some nice girls sitting around there, it’s my favorite daygame spot in Vienna.