I hate playing dating games

01 Jun

And yes, I think that women who play games are losers too.They obviously are not confident in themselves enough to just be themselves and find a guy who likes them for them.Stupid; because the message is delivered in a convoluted and hurtful way, whilst delaying the possibility of love. Yes, putting your feelings out there significantly increases your vulnerability. But if the recipient shoots you down in flames, then they do (and if they do it meanly you know you’ve ridden yourself of a jerk). And then you eat tonnes of ice-cream (anything with caramel and chocolate usually works). And then you find someone who appreciates your love (hopefully someone like Colin Firth). (‘You’ in this paragraph may or may not be ‘Rebecca Mc Guire’). ‘Life’s too short’ is a cliché oft-bandied around, but that’s because it’s true. And then you watch a lot of Pride and Prejudice (well Colin Firth, let’s be honest). Because I clearly like to talk about myself, a lot, I’ll share with you this personal anecdote to support my argument for not playing games. Straight after my first date with now-Boyfriend, he messaged me to say “thank you”, and I messaged back to say same. And, we texted the next day too (we’re Gen Y, texting is what we do). Now, we’ve progressed, and the L-bomb (I love you) has been dropped. Instead, he will spend most of his time being distracted by a game that won’t provide anything for himself and his woman.It will be fun for him, but it won’t do anything positive for her or their relationship.

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As such, women are not instinctively attracted to men who hide from achieving that behind their liking for (or addiction to) video games.

A woman doesn’t expect you to fully achieve all of your goals and ambitions tomorrow, but she wants to know that you have a plan, are making progress and believe that you will eventually get there.

If most of your spare time is spent on achieving things in a pretend world, a woman will feel turned off by your lack of care about your life with her in the real world.

The fact is that there are plenty of men AND women playing games out there. Furthermore, not EVERY man or every woman is playing games.

We can’t label ALL of one sex in this way because, realistically, that’s just not the case. They lead to anger, confusion, and shitty relationships – if they even get you to a relationship.