Jon hamm is dating

17 Aug

Slate's Instagram is so delightfully honest and full of posts that recognize all emotions, good or bad, that I recently recommended it to a friend going through a particularly tricky heartbreak.

Slate did, however, express concern over his fame level…and while Jon Hamm isn’t an action star, he’s still snapped by paparazzi anytime he leaves his home, especially if sweatpants are involved.

The man formerly known as Don Draper (formerly know as Dick Whitman) will be presenting at the Golden Globes on Sunday, which begs the question if he will be attending alone. His break with Westfeldt was a genuine "love is dead" moment; the pair had been together for 18 years, which, in Hollywood, is an eternity. To twist the knife in the wound for fans, the statement they released to Well, OK, just be mature about it.

Since he split up with his ex-partner Jennifer Westfeldt in September 2015, Hamm hasn't been publicly dating anyone.

co-star Jon Hamm on a movie date, with sources admitting they’re “friendly.” While “friendly” certainly isn’t “canoodling,” it sure is something.

Of course, a movie date doesn’t exactly scream romance unless you’re in middle school, but it is quite “friendly” for two freshly single, highly attractive co-stars.