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26 May

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Kate Hudson and Matthew Mc Conaughey use every kind of deception playing the dating game in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" - illustrating why most New Yorkers can only enjoy longevity in a relationship with their shrink. Not just the obvious joke - she gets that too - but she'll laugh at the subplot that's a little funnier than the obvious joke.

We asked cast and director to lay back on the BBCi Films couch and tell us all about it. She's a young girl, and, at the same time, has that savvy of a woman. What was it about the dynamic between these characters that interested you? You'll see a lot of scenes where you'll feel like, "Oh, I bet that only happened once," and it's true. It's a very alive process that can happen in a good romantic comedy.

Known for his good looks and easy-going personality, Mc Conaughey soon achieved leading-man status with (1996), which also starred Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. The press often speculated about the nature of Mc Conaughey's relationship with Bullock, but sources close to the pair insisted that they were only friends.

as a lowly clerk who becomes the star of his own reality show.

The police visited his Austin, Texas, home after receiving a noise complaint in 1998.

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”“Brad would be lucky to date [Kate],” Herzog adds.

A source close to Brad revealed to Woman’s Day that, “Kate is Brad's mystery woman.

They've been extremely close over the past few weeks, following several secret meet-ups.”“They're two big stars who were very attracted to each other and drawn to one another, and they are certainly enjoying each other's company,” the source added.

Our friends at Entertainment Tonight brought our quiz "Who Should You Party With Tonight After The Oscars? Our mission: To help celebrities figure out which other celebrity they should get down with after the show.

Kate Hudson's result was so serendipitous it's almost too much to handle.