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15 Oct

A procession of tea jars from Uji is held on May 2 each year from Kenninji to Yasaka Shrine to remember those times. Not long after Eisai's death another Tendai monk known as Dogen (1200-1253) lived and studied at Kenninji. Dogen founded the branch of Zen known as Soto and is also buried at Kenninji.

Nothing is left from the time of Eisai and Dogen except, it is believed, the Chokushimon (Imperial Messenger Gate) possibly dating from the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) and still showing arrow marks from the Onin War that reduced much of Kyoto to ashes during the 15th century.

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To celebrate this special day, children set up bamboo branches hung with paper strips on which poems and wishes are written.Kenninji was founded in 1202 by the monk Eisai (sometimes pronounced Yousai) on the request of Emperor Tsuchimikado and with the support of Shogun Minamoto Yoriie.At first the temple practiced a mix of Tendai, Shingon and Zen Buddhism, but during the tenure of the 11th abbot, Kenninji converted it to a purely Zen temple.Catch a glimpse of geisha fluttering down stone-paved streets, innumerable other Buddhist temples and Shintō shrines, plus untold hidden gems, all in the heart of Japanese culture.This large urban park and historical site includes the famed Osaka Castle, dating back to the 16th century.