Preeya kalidas dating bashy

06 Sep

And you didn’t leave in a Black taxi when you made the classic Eastenders exit …Yeah I always have to correct people when they say I left in a black cab which is usually the norm but, I changed the norm and left in a Mercedes which is classy.Are you planning to return to Eastenders at some point?MZ BRATT & JASMINE Mariah’s brother/ nephew Shawn was in town this week and knowing he’s more a Nobu brother than a Nando’s one we went somewhere suitably expensive where you pay as much for the ambience as the food before I took him down to Bungalow 8 nightclub in St Martins Lane hotel where my friend John Woolf (Wiley’s former manager and man about town) was throwing his regular bash.We were ushered down into the intimate bar where the petite but much acclaimed female DJ Kaper was playing old skool hip-hop.World mental health day is a great day to spread awareness about mental health difficulties.Your state of mind is key to leading a happy life but regardless of what people perceive on the outside, your mental health can be badly affected which can lead to many complex conditions that in turn have a massive impact on your life.I am not here to preach about it but only to give my personal experiences of mental health.I have suffered with depression as have very close friends of mine which in a way helps as we can talk to each other about the effects.

She told me it never really disappears even though she is in a better place and keeping herself busy thanks to a new found love and back to doing what she loves.

I’d always been working towards a music career so even when I was filming I was working in the studio and writing, so its not something I just decided to do, its been a process leading up to the point.

Then last year I was offered an opportunity with a label and I decided to go for it, I thought I’d take the risk and pursue a music career that’s always been a dream of mine.

With her hair swept up into a simple top knot, the star looked sensational as she spent her evening mingling with a whole host of Olympic athletes, including the likes of gold medal-winning rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, gymnast Louis Smith and swimming champion Mark Foster.

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