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08 Mar
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They opened the season against Willamette University, defeating them 97–0. The tiebreaker for the Pacific Coast Conference title went to Washington, due to Oregon's use of an ineligible player but Oregon was given the invitation to the 1917 Rose Bowl, then known as the Tournament East-West Football Game at Tournament Park due to the cost of a train ticket to Los Angeles being significantly less from Eugene than from Seattle.

It was a scene from one of the most celebratedmovies ever made, the 1962 classic What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? But as she raised andswung her right foot, encased in a black anklestrappedshoe, she made contact with Crawford'shead, gashing her scalp, which needed threestitches, and causing a lump the size of an egg. The enmity had festered for decades, despite repeated public denials by both women that it existed. "Most of her rivalsare now dead," she observed, "and Miss Davis wouldlike to present herself as just another little old ladyin tennis shoes."There is no question that Davis — the centenary ofwhose birth fell last month on April 5 — lied.

Davis maintained this fiction even twoyears after Crawford's death. Her hatred of Crawford was real enough, and away fromthe media, Davis heaped scorn on her rival'smemory until the end of her days.

"She did it coldly, deliberately and withcomplete ruthlessness.

I have never forgiven her forthat and never will."When she uttered these words, Crawford had beendead for ten years, and Davis, gaunt and wizenedfrom a stroke and a mastectomy, was almost 80. This amazing saga of love and possession began in1935 when Bette Davis was 27, and was cast by herstudio, Warner Bros, in the role that was to win herthe first of her Best Actress Oscars.