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The Society awarded him the Carl Sandburg medal in 2009, and he currently serves as chair of the Society’s board of directors. Stephenson, Letters Relating to Gustaf Unonius, 53-64, 93-112. Friman about his Wisconsin relatives for SAHQ/Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, Swedish American Genealogist, and other publications. In order to spare himself the trouble of repeatedly penning copies, as well as to bring this reliable information to the knowledge of others, the correspondent has asked to have the complete letter published in our newspaper, and has 143 additionally included his own short article on the same subject. We have found the letter in question of great interest and just of the practical nature that ought to benefit greatly those thinking of emigrating. He has written a community history and contributed pieces to the Swedish American Genealogist. 141 letters from his sons, who had settled in Wisconsin two years before Unonius.3 Unonius’s letters also drew the former artillery officer Polycarpus von Schneidau to Pine Lake, where he purportedly wrote his own letters to relatives at Kisa in Östergötland.4 These missives and the Unonius letters in Aftonbladet were read by Peter Cassel, who, in 1845, led a party of twenty-one country folk to America. and trans., Letters Relating to Gustaf Unonius and the Early Swedish Settlers in Wisconsin (Rock Island, IL: Augustana Historical Society, 1937), passim. Axel Friman, “Early Advice to Prospective Emigrants: Carl Friman’s Letter to Aftonbladet, 1842,” Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly 33, no. We are printing the American letter first, adding the correspondent’s article thereafter. Headed towards Wisconsin, they were deflected to Iowa, where they established New Sweden, the first enduring Swedish settlement in the New World.5 The migration of Cassel’s group is conventionally taken as the beginning of popular emigration from Sweden.6 Peter Cassel, in turn, wrote letters home, the first of which was published in the Östgötha Correspondenten. of Minnesota Press for the Swedish Pioneer Historical Society, 1950), 1:4. The letter reads as follows: “After a long and adventurous journey, I have the pleasure, from my own home here in North America, of sending you word, my beloved relatives, friends, and acquaintances, that since I left the fatherland, everything has gone according to my wishes. His party’s emigration had already ignited a bonfire of discussion, and the letters, coming from a man of the people, spiked the inflammation of the rural populace with “America fever.”7 As emigration mounted in the late 1840s and early 1850s, many America letters were published to the benefit of information-hungry, would-be migrants. Stephenson, “When America was the Land of Canaan,” Minnesota History 10, no. Arnold Barton, Letters from the Promised Land: Swedes in America, 1840-1914 (Minneapolis: Univ. Gustaf Unonius, A Pioneer in Northwest America 1841-1858: The Memoirs of Gustaf Unonius, ed. We are all healthy and happy, and have been the whole time, not counting seasickness, which was quite mild and barely noticeable for most of us.

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Letter from Onalaska: Svenskedalen, the Very First Swedish Settlement in Western Wisconsin RONALD J. and trans., “Documents Relating to Peter Cassel and the Settlement at New Sweden, Iowa,” Swedish-American 170 Historical Bulletin 2, no. I wish to thank SEI, its staff, and, in particular, the Institute’s long-time director, Prof. At the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux in July 1851, the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of the Dakota had ceded essentially all the southern and western parts of the future state, the “Suland” of some 21,000,000 acres. For a table of Swedish measurement conversions, see _of_measurement. The date is unclear in the text as microfilmed; it may be either 22/23 April or 28/29 April. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897, National Archives Microfilm Publication M237, 675 rolls. 2-6 (Emibas does not list any emigrants from Östad before 1854). Peter Bryngelsson had been an economic orphan, not a parentless one. 1860 United States Federal Census, database online, According to family lore, Niklas Wall was an apprentice to Johannes Heljesson. Unless otherwise cited, the Swedish sources for family information are the church records of Östad and Lena parishes: Births, Marriages and 172 Deaths (series C), Household Examination Rolls (husförhörslängder, series AI), and Moving In and Moving Out (series B). The other is the “first emigrant” himself, Gustaf Unonius, by then an Episcopal priest in Chicago, who directs them onward to a reliable compatriot in Milwaukee.

JOHNSON I THE AMERICA LETTER The role of the “America letter” in promoting emigration from Sweden, both at the outset in the late-1840s and throughout the era of mass emigration, has long been recognized as well as thoroughly discussed.1 Thousands of Swedes, writing from America, encouraged and facilitated the chain migration of relatives, friends, and others from the emigrants’ home areas. Ulf Beijbom for all assistance and, not least of all, for the research stipend which underwrote my sojourn in Växjö. Stephenson, “Documents Relating to Peter Cassel,” 7. Special thanks are due Gunilla Sundén for the initial translation of the letter at the Swedish Emigrant Institute in 2001. D., now lecturer in the Department of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington, reviewed and revised the translation to good effect. Norton, 2010 Swedish American of the Year and prolific translator of Swedish-language historical materials, kindly contributed further advice. William Watts Folwell, A History of Minnesota, rev. Brita Butler-Wall, “An American Baseball Team with Roots in Västergötland,” Swedish American Genealogist 31, no. And even on the western edge of Wisconsin, in remote La Crosse, a river’s width from the unsurveyed frontier of Minnesota Territory, there is yet another Swede who can serve as a contact for new emigrants.