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01 Jun

The images, taken in front of a snowy landscape, show the pair of T-Rex extending their tiny arms to hold one another's hand as they walk along the shore of a lake.Another snap sees the pair snuggling up on what appears to be a mattressless cot.The dinos are even seen enjoying an impromptu dance party among the trees, grooving away in the snow.To tell the two apart, one of the T-Rex is wearing a white scarf to protect against the winter chill.You would have a great time in Basel if you went no further than Paddy Reilly’s, the Irish bar where every Friday and Saturday night might as well be St. Paddy’s is great for meeting people because, for one reason, there’s a lot people to meet!

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Sadly, the couple in the image are not actually engaged, but rather Maria's cousin Stephanie Mills and her friend Marian Davis.

However, the incredible results are certain to inspire future prankster couples.

The photographers explain that they decided to take the funny photos to let everyone know that 'love isn't extinct.''The reason [Stephanie and Marian] were chosen to be in the suits is because they had the personality that fit what we were looking for,' Greg added to Daily Mail Online in an email.'They aren't actually engaged, but played an important role which was successful.

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