Slow club charles and rebecca dating

27 Dec

My own experience with that prolonged strangeness explains why “Christmas TV” completely gutted me when I heard it for the first time last year.The song so singularly encapsulated so many of the feelings of my own long-distance relationship that it was physically painful to hear—and in that way it was unlike any song I'd heard in the last seven-and-a-half-years. The song was released as a single in the in 2008, a year before the band's debut LP Yeah So came out there and two years before it came out in the States this spring.It's a much, much rarer thing: An utterly guileless, brutally honest little song about a long-distance relationship.The Under-18s instore was one of the best things in Kingston, ever. New EP in the run up to the duo's much-anticipated debut album on Moshi Moshi.Both the band and this label just keep getting better! Trick Question Damaged LP has a bit of excess glue from 'stick on eyes' on cover and one eye a bit off center!A support slot with US band Tilly And The Wall brought them to the attention of Moshi Moshi Records who released their debut album Yeah So in 2009.

Slow Club played two free shows on the September 4th to celebrate this release!

It's been a constant evolution with Charles and Rebecca, and as much as we love their early stuff, this new album might be their best to date.

A big sound, a fusion of styles, yet so uniquely them.

We've a few signed albums following their in-store here.

New album from ace duo Slow Club who are always great when they play in town.