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09 Mar

The actress, who captured millions of viewers' hearts with her performance in the 2002 romantic comedy movie Other attendees included Taylor Swift and Kate Hudson, who posted photos from the party on Instagram and shared on her Snapchat a video of the pop star singing her hit "Shake It Off" at the event."When you take a s--t load of pictures and you still don't have it perfect so you go for the ole collage post..." Hudson wrote on Instagram."Happy Birthday gorgeous girl @reesewitherspoon !!! Love you #Tequilla First #Posting Later #Saturday Night #Im So Excited To Get Into Bed IDont Even Know What To Do With Myself #Not Washing My Face #Good Night.""What's the percentage of guys you've actually hooked up and people think you've hooked up with?Right But instead of acting as if it never happened on the reality dating show, the 25-year-old addressed it on the season premiere last week.“I just wanted to get it out there right away,” Duke tells .OK, I’ll go ahead and say it.” And while she calls that period “probably the worst week of my life,” Duke has another important personal reason for being open about what happened.“Parents started writing to me and saying, ‘Thank you for sharing your story, I shared this with my daughter,’ or girls would say, ‘Thank you, I almost did something like this and because of your story, I’m not going to do it.’ So that just helped me get through it,” she says.She has a great career and the JFK-like fiancée of New York City.

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When one wants to escape the morally bankrupt superficiality of city life and get in touch with one's true self, the South is the place to go to. Frequently features Southern Hospitality, a form of Sacred Hospitality.Four potential suitors are dropped from contention.Melanie Carmichael, an up and rising fashion designer in New York, has gotten almost everything she wished for since she was little., CMT’s “Bachelorette” style show that helps the contestant (either a bachelor or bachelorette) locate their true love. Each individual on the show who’s vying for this ultimate prize of love is classified into one of two categories: Country or City. Reportedly, the show’s concept is based loosely off the 2002 movie featuring Reese Witherspoon, Paige Duke is the former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ambassador and hails from South Carolina. Guess which ones are COUNTRY and which ones are CITY, and make sure to tune into tonight’s episode to learn more about them. It’s similar to The Bachelorette except there’s not only the “love story” element, but also a competition between country and city guys! Not only is there a lot of drama on the romance side, but also between the country and city guys.She was a favorite on the show’s second season and, as you’ll read below in the delightful interview we had, she was both excited and nervous to be invited back for the show’s third season — where she’ll be put to work to, slowly and methodically, trim down a group of 22 men until she discovers the love of her life. Take a look at the men who are hoping to win over Paige’s heart. And without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the southern belle herself, Ms. We appreciate Paige’s sincere responses to our questions and, for that, we want you all to support the show! This makes the show extremely entertaining, as people not only pull for a certain guy, but also for the city or the country. The show actually stems from the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” where a country girl (Reese Witherspoon) is torn between a city guy and a country guy from her southern town. I’ve been on both sides of the show, as I was a contestant last season, so I know what the guys are going through. A lot of the guys became like brothers to each other, yet I’m going on dates with all of them.