Swing cam chat

22 Feb

With an advanced flight controller and reliable sensors, the Parrot Swing is the only plane minidrone with vertical take-off and landing. With a simple click, chose the stunt most suited to your desires and environment.

Try out the looping in an open area for a stunning effect ! You can also activate Boost Mode to be even harder to catch.

Perfect for playing with your environment, the half loop allows you to avoid obstacles in tight spaces. Go for it: slalom and avoid obstacles to be the first to get there.

As for the barrel roll, it definitly adds style to your high-speed flight ! The Parrot Flypad gives you the most precise control of your Parrot Swing drone and allows you to pilot it over a distance of up to 60 metres.

To allow for workpiece variation, adjust spindle extension so that full clamping force is achieved approximately in the middle of the handle's 90º clamping range.

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Watch up to 5 simultaneous streams from other members.

It enables you to start a “one-on-one” chat to clarify, diagnose, or provide expert tips for your dance learning or problem.

All you need is a Google Account (or Skype), access to a device (PC, laptop, i Pad, mobile phone) with a webcam, and then schedule an available time by emailing [email protected]!

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This upgraded modular design offers extreme flexibility in an aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing low-profile package for industry-standard panel preparation requirements.