Tom cruz and cameron diaz dating

20 Feb

The company is run by John Casablancas, father of Julian Casablancas, the lead singer of The Strokes.

Diaz modelled for a number of big-name designers, including Calvin Klein and Levi's.

Selon le magazine Forbes, Tom Cruise était en 2012 l'acteur le mieux payé d'Hollywood avec 75 000 000 $.

À ce jour, il détient le record du plus gros cachet de l'histoire du cinéma avec 100 000 000 $ pour le film La Guerre des mondes et du plus gros cachet pour le contrat de la série de film Mission impossible pour 290 000 000 $. Il découvre le théâtre à l'école secondaire, en jouant dans des comédies musicales telles que Godspell et Blanches colombes et vilains messieurs.

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You're always meeting people, you never know who's around the corner, you're working with someone and the chemistry is off the charts... Some stars seem to have no intention of settling down, while others settle down every chance they get.Here though, she's mixed it up, literally, with a blue and white striped bikini top and red bottoms.We're not quite convinced the two actually go together - in fact, they really don't - but we love Cameron so much, and she's just having so much fun, that we forgive her. Even though the two pieces don't really go together, it's hard not to notice Cameron's amazing body too.The 41-year-old actress and the 55-year-old actor locked lips while filming 2011’s , Paula refused to pick just one.However, she couldn’t help but reminisce about her kiss with Tom. “I will tell you that the kiss from Tom Cruise was a surprise.” “He had amazing breath,” she added. It was just perfect.” Watch below to hear what else she had to say!