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18 Apr

Teen spending patterns, fashion trends, and brand and media preferences were assessed through surveying a geographically diverse subset of high schools across the U.

Earnings trends are extremely important when evaluating stocks. Cheat Sheet, we view increasing earnings quarter-over-quarter as a simple way to gauge whether costs and the business model are stable.

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Then we like to analyze whether the company is outperforming peers in the sector.

This is what we call the “E-Squared” investment analysis (‘E = Earnings Are Increasing Quarter-Over-Quarter’ ‘E = Excellent Relative Performance Versus Peers and Sector’).

To calculate, start with total shares outstanding and subtract the number of restricted shares.

But it certainly got its act together subsequently, and we therefore keep it on our radar… Though Dunkin’ and Green Mountain have done well, and qualify, both were going downhill at least for some time during the period under review. “E = Earnings Are Increasing Quarter-Over-Quarter” is a core component of our successful CHEAT SHEET investing framework.

Since the survey’s inception 17 years ago, Piper Jaffray has surveyed approximately 145,000 teens and collected more than 37 million data points on teen spending in fashion, beauty and personal care, digital media, food, gaming and entertainment.

The Taking Stock With Teens survey is a semi-annual research project comprised of gathering input from approximately 5,500 teens with an average age of 16.0 years.

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