Tweet counter not updating who is alyson michalka dating

04 Nov

Twitter today announced a major overhaul, making the app feel lighter, faster and easier to use with faster navigation via a new side menu, bolder headlines, revamped icons and more.

The new side navigation menu lets you quickly access your profile, accounts, settings and privacy.

Earlier this year, Twitter also signed a partnership with NFL for the rights to stream 10 Thursday night games.

Rumor is that Twitter is looking to expand into streaming video content about politics, entertainment and events.

I’ve found a few options to view Twitter share counts.

Here they are: I was curious about how the shutdown of Twitter’s API affected some of the apps that rely on Twitter counts, so I checked a few sites.

You can download the free Buzzsumo plugin for Chrome, which can display Twitter shares for web pages that it has indexed.

It doesn’t have tweet counts for all pages I visited, but it had them for my site and many others.

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Accessibility settings are now in a more prominent location.

Twitter is making good on a product promise the company announced almost a year ago but never rolled out: Longer tweet replies.

Beginning Thursday, when you reply to another user’s tweet, that person’s username won’t count toward the 140-characters allotted for your response.

Text messaging back then had limited characters, hence Twitter’s 140-character restriction.

CEO Jack Dorsey says the new character count gives users “more utility and power.” The extra characters removes friction from using rich media and makes it easier for new users to adopt the channel, since most other platforms don’t have similar You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.