Updating gentoo profile

27 Apr

Although the system itself is known as Portage, it consists of two main parts, the ebuild system and emerge.The ebuild system takes care of the actual work of building and installing packages, while emerge provides an interface to ebuild: managing an ebuild repository, resolving dependencies and similar issues.The sole reason to install Linux is to free yourself from the idiots that infest inferior platforms.

In fact, if the users don't crash their box at least once a week due to new and untested software they will swarm onto the forums and accuse Gentoo of "going all Debian" on them.Installing a working Linux box used to require over 550 man hours, learning a Nordic language, sacrificing a goat, wading through hundreds of pages of (purposely) inscrutable help files, and in some cases programming a new driver in UNIVAC SLEUTH II assembly code using nothing but punch cards while walking miles through the snow barefoot on the wrong side of the tracks and uphill both ways.Today, Linux distros are so idiot-proof that you can put their install CDs into the floppy drive upside-down and the fucker will still work.If you do not see your networking device listed after running the below command then you will need to reconfigure the kernel with your device driver enabled.That is all there is to it, you now a have a basic Gentoo installation suitable for use with any of the other Gentoo projects mentioned on Agix Linux Blog.