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09 Aug

Updated label formats include Standard, Tabular, Linear, Child, Pregnant and Lactating, Dual Column (previous called "Dual Declaration"), Aggregate, Simplified, and Supplement.

: Both the preexisting and new label formats will be available in Genesis as we transition through effective and compliance date timelines.

The team needs to mark the current version of each file so that even as the files continue to change, the team can still get and build the new version of every file in their project.

Theoretically, you could record the ID of each changeset for each file manually; but clearly this kind of process is not practical.

(.) The new FDA Nutrition Facts Label formats have been incorporated into Genesis R&D and are set as the default for U. Recipes or formulas created prior to this release will open with the label format you previously selected for each recipe.

You can easily modify existing Recipe records to show new label formats.

Either choose a blank template to create your own design from scratch, or choose from one of our designs.

There is so much going on with this release, it just might be our most significant release ever.Change colour and font style, selecting from over 60 different fonts.Add logos, pictures and clipart to your Avery products from various sources: choose something from our extensive image gallery, select images from your computer or social media accounts Save your projects to your online Avery Account so you can the edit and reuse them in the future.Required permissions To apply a label, you must have the Label permission set to Allow.To find, list, or view labels, you must have the Read permission set to Allow.