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23 Mar

A separate Live CD edition of Zenwalk is available for download on Softpedia and it works on 32-bit computers too.

The ISO image features a minimal boot loader designed primarily for adding extra kernel parameters.

WARNING: Whenever you manually alter the kernel or initrd on your system, ensure that you run /sbin/elilo before shutting down the computer.

2) lilo lilo, /sbin/lilo : - - initrd - /etc/lilo /etc/, , initrd, MBR/BR.

"This build of Firefox starts and react nearly as fast as Chromium, and with many tabs opened, scales much better in terms of responsiveness and memory footprint," explained the devs in the release notes.

Zenwalk Current ISO 220217 is here only for those who wnat to reinstall their systems or deploy the OS on new machines.The development team behind the Slackware-based Zenwalk GNU/Linux distribution have announced the release and general availability of a new ISO snapshot image with all the latest software versions and some exciting new features.The biggest new feature of the Zenwalk Current ISO 220217 release is the reimplementation of the GTK3 build of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which ships with multithreading enabled by default.Zenwalk is a freely distributed fork of the Slackware Linux operating system, designed from the ground up to provide users with a modern and lightweight OS that is fully compatible with official Slackware packages.Users can download Zenwalk Linux as a single, dual-arch CD ISO image that can only be installed on a local drive, supporting only 64-bit hardware platforms.