Walker liquidating

18 Jul

A former top dog portfolio manager at hedge fund Plainfield Asset Management, Marc Sole, is using the funds of his new hedge fund to try and buy out remaining investors in the now defunct Plainfield for a discount.

According to offer documents seen by this reporter Sole, who now works for billion Hudson Bay Capital, offered investors in four liquidating Plainfield funds 52 cents on the dollar.

After leaving prison he remarried and took his new wife's last name.

Philip was removed as a shareholder on March 21, a little over two weeks before the company filed for liquidation.

Before his arrest in 2007, Philip had his own bodyguards, owned two black 300C Chryslers, was bankrolling Richmond Athletic Football Club and bought a m mansion in Redwood Valley, near Nelson.

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Fritsch who is now an attorney for white-shoe Wall St. Fritsch is known for his dirty tactics defending Plainfield after the media was questioning the ethics of the hedge fund leadership.Before: WALKER, Chief Judge, and OAKES and MINER, Circuit Judges. Kravitz, Wiggin & Dana LLP, New Haven, CT (Victor A. One of City's wholly-owned subsidiaries was the Home Group, Inc., which changed its name to Am Base in 1989. At the same time, the Trust was formed to, “among other things, assume all of the claims, liabilities, and obligations” of City that were “not otherwise provided for.” The Trust was initially funded with assets having an aggregate estimated value of approximately 0 million.Bolden, Wiggin & Dana, LLP, New Haven, CT, Philip Halpern, Collier, Halpern, Newberg, Nolletti & Bock, LLP, White Plains, NY, on the briefs), for Plaintiff-Appellant. Dodyk, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, New York, NY, for Defendants-Appellees. Am Base owned several operating subsidiaries, including the Home Insurance Company, and in the mid 1980s held assets in excess of billion. City's shareholders were the beneficiaries of the Trust and received ownership units in it.The fund founded by Max Holmes, who now teaches at NYU’s Stern school of business, was investigated by the SEC for inflating investors assets to receive excessive fees. were put into voluntary liquidation in the Cayman Islands on December 31st 2013 according to public filings at ky According to investors, the portion of assets in these funds is only a sub/residual piece of what Plainfield had originally invested in. Sole started with Hudson Bay in 2011, he was one of Max Holmes right hand guys helping pick investments for the failed fund.The SEC cleared the fund of its investigation in June 2012, according to a letter from the SEC, but Holmes was extremely slow in winding down the fund. Plainfield was also investigated by the Manhattan D. for its loan to own practices with small cap companies but was never charged by the D. The Hudson Bay Absolute Return Credit Opportunities Fund made the offer to Plainfield investors, who are mostly institutional money, on December 16th 2014.