Who is jake austin dating

09 Feb

Now if you don't mind, I've got some relentless tweeting to be getting on with...

in which he and partner Jenna Johnson almost kissed but did not actually make lip-to-lip contact, everybody wants to know, is Jake T. It turns out that Austin is living out the fantasy of every teen girl with an extremely intense celebrity crush everywhere.

Up until he confirmed his shocking relationship with a longtime fan, all we knew of Jake’s dating life came from rumors.

Take a look at all the girls he supposedly hooked up before meeting his current sweetheart: 1.

One wrote: 'She has been tweeting him for five years straight because she was a fangirl and she made it! ', another added: '@harrystyles please can this be us? As the years went on, she bombarded him with more tweets, such as: 'Me & @jaketaustin are getting married.

Shh he doesn't know it yet ;) yes I know I'm a freak : D', and 'I'm gonna deff try & meet youu this summer!! Jake has been acting since 2002 when he appeared in commercials and got his start in showbusiness in 2004, when, at the age of nine, he was cast as the voice of Dora's cousin Diego on the Nickelodeon series Dora The Explorer.

Unfortunately, she only appeared on the show for that one episode (which was weird because in the ep, he likes her so much that he reveals he’s a wizard, and then we never see her again), but the pair continued seeing each other in the weeks following.

But despite their young “love,” their romance only lasted only two months.

A representative for Austin provided the following statement: So there you have it.

In addition, it’s believed that this is Caesar’s Twitter profile–of all the women named “Danielle Caesar” currently on Twitter, she’s the only one whose tweets are protected.

A recent report, though, was able to confirm that Jake T. And, while Caesar’s social media profiles are private, her Instagram bio does reveal that she’s a native of New York City, which is also Austin’s hometown.

UPDATE: Turns out that the photo above is indeed of Danielle Caesar. A set designer with an eye for life behind the lens?

Austin girlfriend update left fans breathless with curiosity. But her page does feature two photos: a cover pic of the New York City skyline, and a mostly-hidden shot of Caesar herself: Looks like her belly-button ring is intact, though 😉 Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from the young couple very soon!