Who is scrappy the rapper dating

16 May

VH1 caught up with Bambi to get whatever details we could about their upcoming nuptials, as well as the Bam’s beefs with Jessica Dime and D. What did you think when Jessica Dime approached you and told you she’d been Face Timing with Scrappy?Bambi: I was obviously annoyed because I feel like that’s the only way she would ever ever be able to be in my presence.Well, the latest rumor churning out the mill claimed the aspiring rap artist ditched her on-again off-again boyfriend and co-star, Lil’ Scrappy, to get closer to Future.

He was born on the 19th of January, 1984 and in 2015, his current age is 31 years old.

Scrappy was born into an Afro- American family and his father had left the family before his birth.

He was born in North Trenton, New Jersey, United States of America as the eldest of two children and was raised by his mother.

What do you think Jessica’s objective was in talking to you?

In her green screen she said she thought it was funny.