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03 May

If it's humans you gestate, you go to an OBGYN or midwife.

But if want to give birth to your book you can now turn to THE MEMOIR MIDWIFE for no-nonsense talk about how you self-publish your book.

In 2011 she self-published her most popular book to date, the hilarious CONFESSIONS OF A BAND GEEK MOM, in which she tells what it's like to trade in Prada bags for diaper bags to stay home and raise kids who love noisy chaos (don't they all? The book is all about modern-day parenting when you're out of your element, told through the skewed point-of-view of a seasoned comedian.

That’s going to be what played a big part in locating this gentleman so quickly," Lt. According to jail records, this isn’t the first time Todd has had a run in with police.

In fact, he’s been charged with several driving offenses including multiple DUI’s dating as far back as 2002.

" checklist that can pinpoint the mistakes you might be making that could be clouding how others perceive you in the earliest stages of dating. Sometimes when you're dating, you may take actions that could be considered "stupid" because you're afraid of being alone.

So how can you stop yourself from seeming needy, crazed, or desperate on those early dates? Let your authentic, compassionate and brilliance shine through to increase your confidence and success in dating. But if you want a long-term relationship, choose clothing that shows you're classy have style. Both men and women can set their intention for the date, but if you're a woman, let the man plan the date itself. Ladies, don't tell the guy where to go or what to do; in fact, try to refrain from making any suggestions unless he specifically asks you to -- and even then, tell him to surprise you. When a man holds the door for you, tries to pay for dinner, or offers you his jacket, let him!