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06 Sep

Everyone was South African, but nationalism wasn’t the strongest ‘ism’ binding people together, not by a long shot.

In Cape Town, where Larry, Sanele and I were walking, the most common language group was Nguni Bantu, which includes both Xhosa and Zulu.

And though he could understand and speak Xhosa well enough (Zulu is to Xhosa what Quebecois is to French, or perhaps even more similar) his cultural heritage was different.

Especially when it came to male initiation ceremonies.

There’s one event in particular that etched itself into his memory. I was having a conversation with some of my female colleagues (all of whom are Xhosa) about dating.

He was in his mid-twenties and had spent a day walking around the CBD, his CV tucked under his arm, looking for a place to hire him. I jokingly told them that I was wary of Xhosa women because they have a habit of cheating on their significant others.

Later, in the nineteenth century, the British became the new colonizing force (foreigners in control) in the Cape.

In truth, that conversation was a reminder of how marginalised people also have the capacity to bring others down.The band started the season on a positive note by carrying out a charitable exercise and later putting on a spectacle at its band launch.Xhosa also copped a number of prizes including Most Colourful Large Band and Best Party Band on Monday.This is because we focus on making connections between singles who genuinely suit each other, based on our extensive matchmaking process.If you’re ready to meet that special someone, register today with Elite Singles!